Safe Mooring Foundation Inc.
Protecting the Worlds Coral Reefs for Diving and Fishing.

Volunteer Opportunities

Contact us at
951-849-9112 or 951-682-3483

After required training opportunities exist to become involved we us saving reefs.

We will always need Volunteers and this is and will be an endless task to identify, strategise, and install a Safe Mooring on the Coral Reefs of the World. The opportunities are limitless and all you need to do is apply and receive training, be willing to work, and understand you'll be a ambassador for our Country and the Foundation. 

We are looking for people who put the best face of some hard conditions and be able to financially support themselves in remote locations. Please call or email us if you have questions or want to be a part of this Adventure and real chance to make a difference. 

Remember we are only allowing Platinum and Sustaining Members to travel with us do to the training, surveying and installations. 

Regular members can receive information and instruction (At their own expense) locally and get discounts on gear. 

For all membership classes any outside training is at your own expense. We are a non-profit Organization working with almost no funds or budget. We hope that will change in the future, but for now we are in a building mode. On site instructions will be provided in order to complete the task.    
The key to this program working will be the people involved. The elements required to make this program work are money, volunteers, and training. The worlds Coral Reefs come under attack 24 hours a day from many sources. The most overlooked source is the tens of thousands of Anchor strikes daily. These attacks on the Reefs are out of necessity as the Reef feeds many of the residents around the world. In addition the Reef attracts many visitors for recreation that requires boats of all sizes to affix themselves to the Reef. 

We know this from years of participation in these activities. We have seen with our own eyes the damages that can be caused by a misplaced Anchor or poorly places Mooring often using the reef itself to fasten chains, tires, and cables to Coral Heads. 

Our resources must go into identifying these problem places and accessing the best possible remedy for the existing problem and training the Volunteers required to do this job. They must have basic SCUBA skills and willing to learn the required techniques to access the problem and be able to follow directions underwater to install the proper Mooring setting rated to safely hold a specific sized craft that maybe attached to the Mooring Line. 

This training will be provided by the Safe Mooring Foundation along with all materials required to complete a project. 

Governments, Resorts, Villages, and individuals who know of the Need for Safe Mooring on their Reef systems need to submit a request to our Staff for evaluation and potential future action that may result in the submission becoming a "Project".
Platinum Membership
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