Safe Mooring Foundation Inc.
Protecting the Worlds Coral Reefs for Diving and Fishing.


Safe Mooring Foundation Inc. Went to the Bahamas in May 2013 for Hands on training from the Captain and Crew of the Cat Ppalu out of Nassau. During the six day dive trip we would learn about the equipment and proper installation of moorings and pins. We were shown how to assemble the drill and get the proper mix on the concrete as well as setting the right type of pins. 

Below is a collection of pictures taken during the week of training in the Exumas where we drilled and placed two systems, one at Twin Peaks, and the other at Flat Rock. The latter was installed by our volunteers in 28 minutes!    
Solomon Islands Survey:
On the 25th of August 2013 four members of the safe mooring foundation left LAX for the Solomon Islands and ten days aboard the Dive Boat Bilikiki out of Guadalcanal sight of one of the South Pacific's major WWII battles to defeat the Japanese empire. Thus there would be many WWII sites as well as Coral Reefs to inspect and potentially protect. 

The Bilikiki is unique in that it does not moor or drop anchor unless there is no other choice. We found when it did drop anchor it was in deep water with potentially sandy bottom. They do everything they can to protect their reef structures. When moored they also exercise caution to protect the coral or historical sites. 

We did not some areas (See pictures below) that a proper mooring system would be beneficial to both the operation and the Coral reef. One such place was a Sea Mount where the mooring consists of rope and chain wrapped around a coral head at the top of the mound. The Mound itself has a number of locations that a mooring system would work very well and minimize reef damage. 

Locating the proper equipment is always a challenge, but there is a DHL office in the Bilikiki's port of call. The equipment could be shipped to this office and picked up by the Bilikiki for use by the trained members of the SMF and installed properly. Out of 30 sites one third of them would lend well to proper mooring system. 

The Bilikiki is a boat above 230 tons and would require proper systems including a number of double systems and bridles. The seas in these areas can be challenging and proper maintenance would also be required by the operation using these moorings. A number of wrecks and ships that have run a ground were noted on our trip. A warning that these waters can be dangerous and only the best systems should be installed. 

This area of the world has some of the worlds healthily corals, both soft and hard, as well as healthy fish systems that deserve protections that a safe mooring system provides. 

We look forward to putting a plan together that will meet the needs of the area in the future.        
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