Safe Mooring Foundation Inc.
Protecting the Worlds Coral Reefs for Diving and Fishing.
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Save Mooring Foundation, Inc.


Our mission is make a physical impact on the worlds Coral Reefs by surveying, identifying, and installing safe well placed moorings for the use of local fisherman, resorts, and Dive operations. This is a long term project to replace 75000 anchor drops onto or near Coral Reefs that can and do cause major to minor reef damage.


We will study the areas in need and come up in conjunction with the local governments and administrations the best solution to minimize Reef Damage from anchor misplacement.


Our Organization has a number of Membership classes.


  1. Platinum membership is set at $500.00 per year or $60.00 per month based on a one year membership. They above will have voting rights and access to all training and operations required to fulfill the mission statement.
  2. Sustaining Membership is set at $120.00 per year or $12.00 per month based on a one year membership. No voting rights, but access to training and operations to fulfill the stated missions.
  3. Regular Membership is set at $60.00 per year or $7.50 per month based on a one year term. Will get our news letter and access to training to fulfill our mission statement.
  4. Donating fellow. Any donation of any amount will receive the news letter and info about our mission.


Members in class 1 and 2 will have access to actual physical operations in areas that are the home to Coral Reefs. They will have to pay their own expenses for travel, food, lodging, and any expense incurred in the operation related to their involvement. They SMF, Inc. has applied for it’s 501(3)c status and all monies paid to it or on its behalf maybe a charitable donation. The Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. will not be responsible for any personal lose or damage and all volunteers are responsible for their own insurances and must have a Dive insurance policy in force to dive or be a part of operations in any way including training. Some members maybe asked to take on single tasks requested by the SMF, Inc.


The SMF, Inc will have the option to coordinate all travel and operational details required to operate a project designed to fulfill or mission statement.


All Members will receive a news letter informing them of all projects and the status of those projects from planning to completion. We will also provide all paid members with a Membership Card that maybe good for discounts at certain Dive shops and Resorts in order to give Members access to accommodations close to project sites and secure discounts for gear or equipment required to sustain and complete the designated projects.


The Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. is a Non-Profit Organization under the laws of the United States of America and the State of Montana. Our Web site is       

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