Safe Mooring Foundation Inc.
Protecting the Worlds Coral Reefs for Diving and Fishing.

Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. 

Protecting the Worlds Coral Reefs for Diving and Fishing.

Here you will find resources to learn about, protect, and see the Reef as an asset. This in order to promote the Diving and Fishing tourism industry in order to build, maintain, and sustain a better life style through tourism. This will help protect the world's reefs and encourage those who will profit from this asset to see it as something to protect. 

We will be surveying and assessing current conditions and regulations that apply to the everyday use of the Worlds Coral Reefs. They have lasted for millions of years and have out lived most animal life on this planet. We see a clear and present danger to these living organisms from the daily dropping of Anchors from local fisherman to commercial operations related to the Reef. 

We know there is a safer and more desirable method that is used by up scale commercial users who have the resources and knowledge to employ Moorings for their operations. But many local fisherman and local resort operations are not able to invest in Safe Moorings. 

We want to help the Reef and the People who make a living from these important assets by education, installation, and maintenance of Safe Moorings. We will teach and educate the locals peoples who work on these reefs to be able to do all the above. 

We need to start this by identifying the areas of concern and documenting the damage and solutions available for each separate and individual situation. Logistics will dictate what can be done on each and every site. In one location it maybe possible to put in Stainless Steel Rings or Loops in Concrete and others might take a more engineered approach to the problem using materials on hand.

Each case must be identified and studied to access the need for resources and to find the right solution. With the public's help we can do something real and now to protect the Coral and allow more fish habitat and more activities on the worlds Reefs in a sustainable manor.

This is every ones chance to really do something to make the planet a better place. You don't even have to be a diver to see and understand what we are doing and be a part of it. But if you are a diver this is a chance to go hands on and be a part of the cure and not the problem.  

Get involved today!   


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