Safe Mooring Foundation Inc.
Protecting the Worlds Coral Reefs for Diving and Fishing.

Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc.

Saving the Coral Reefs for Diving and fishing.

PO Box 792 
Beaumont CA 92223
951-849-9112 or 951-682-3483
Tony Wiley is an ex-navy diver and has been diving and traveling the world since 1971. Reed Nescher has extensive experience with a Cameras and Videos. Together they have logged over Ten Thousand Dives. The anchor above was dropped on the reef over 300 years ago and became so badly stuck that it had to be cut loose after destroying untold square yards of Coral.
The Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. has applied for its 501(3)c Approval from the Treasury Department and operates as a charitable donation organization. Making all donations and Membership Fees possibly tax deductible, please check with your Tax professorial if you have any questions about the potential deduct-ability of your individual contributions. 

We are the Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. with a stated mission of helping to protect the Coral Reefs of the World for Diving and Fishing far into the future by providing
a Safe Mooring to all Vessels using the Reefs resources for Tourism, feeding 
their families, and sustaining life from the resources the Reef has to offer. 

With the help of the public we hope to make an impact on the Reef that will last generations and discourage the use of Anchors being dropped on the Living Coral. 
We will also make our skills and resources available for other threats to the Reef Systems as our skills allow.          
I am Reed Nescher and I founded TWO TANKED PRODUCTIONS to provide a service to the Dive and Entertainment industry with good quality Video and Photography of the underwater world that I have been a part of for over 40 years not counting the endless hours setting on top of a surfboard watching the sea under me and feeling a part of natures greatest wonder the Ocean
and all that it hides and holds. I have grown up around Boats, Fishing, Surfing, the beauty of the Sea, and since 1972 the underwater portion of our world. 

As Two Tanked Productions I have traveled the world and meet many interesting people and have had equally exciting adventures from the 
Jungles of Central America to the White Sand Beaches of the Bahamas. The Exotic South Pacific and the Oceans that still call to me to bring back pictures of her beauty and record the adventure to share with so many. This alone is enough reason to do whatever it takes to preserve a high quality on all the Worlds Coral Reefs. The preservation of the Reef is why I saw a need for the Safe Mooring Foundation. Anchor damage is very small compared to the over all size of the Worlds Reefs, but most anchors are dropped where the best Diving and Fishing is located making the impact much more important to both activities. 

Two Tanked Productions has worked with Howard & Michele Hall in Belize on 

a major project for release in late 2006. For more information on Howard & Michele go to . We have completed underwater footage assignments for The National Geographic Channel's Expeditions to the Edge: episode titled Sunken Sub. I have trained with Rod Kline the original digital editor of Fathoms magazine.

Two Tanked Productions has shot video alongside Chuck Nicklin in Fiji and 

shot video and stills with Joseph Davola of Dive Training Magazine in Spooky Channel at Roatan Honduras. News coverage can be found at the Press Enterprise. 

I am full Cave and Overhead environment Certified and trained at Cave Excursions in Florida by Bill Rennaker and John Orlowsky.

I also carry the title of SR. Reed a Knight of the Conch Republic, Knighted by 

Mel Fisher Himself, King of the Conch Republic, in 1997.  My friends and other divers have nick named me Papa Bear as I am known for being hardcore when

it comes to dive operations and dive safety. 

I have been diving since 1972 when I was trained by Otto F. W. Gasser at Cal-Poly Pomona. I am LA County Certified, PADI Senior Advanced Diver, NAUI 

Master SCUBA Diver, NAUI Nitrox, SDI Solo Diver, NSS-CDS Cave Diver, National Association for Cave Diving, and IANTD Cave Certified for Nitrox. Also Rescue International Dive Rescue 1 certified and SDI Oxygen administer and Defibrillator operator.

I  have four-thousand five hundred and twenty eight dives as of December 

2011 around the world. I dive with Wiley's Scuba Locker and traveled 

extensively in the Caribbean & South Pacific. I Teach digital Photography classes as well as underwater video instruction. I have been published in Magazines and news papers (Press Enterprise) and many internet news 

letters and web sites including the Official PADI site, as well as winning a number of digital photography contests and art shows around the South 


 My pictures have been published in numerous books to date. I have the 

front and back cover of Dive Zero Digital Magazine. I have Published thirty 

four Coffee Table books featuring my Photos. I have shot Video for National Geographic Channel's Expeditions to the Edge TV show.

Two Tanked Productions is skilled with Avid Pro editing software and Adobe Photo Shop. We sell many of my Photographs in the Southern California Area and have produced and directed dozens of dive videos & underwater production assignments. 

I was also an active member, for six and half years, of the Riverside County's Search and Recovery Dive Team. I am is also qualified on most salvage lift devises and have worked with California State Department of Parks on boat and evidence recovery a long with Tony Wiley. 

I Founded The Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc. because of the my appreciation for the Coral Reef after a life time of diving and capturing images on them. I want to do what I can to minimize the damage I have seen and the Idea of the Safe Mooring Foundation was born from this need. 

My goal is to recruit the man power and resources needed to have a positive impact and study and teach methods needed to assure the health of our 

Coral Reef systems. Thus assuring they will be in good condition for the 

future and promoting goodwill between the Dive community and the Local Peoples who's asset is a necessity for daily sustenance.        

Another Founding Member is Anthony (Tony) Wiley, X-Navy Diver and one of only a handful of people to have dived the USS Arizona with the Navy for the U.S. Department of Parks. He has shot Footage of the Arizona for the BBC, for 

a documentary about the deterioration of the ship, as well as other assignments for the Navy.

Tony has worked with many of the greats in the dive industry. He runs a successful dive shop Wiley's SCUBA Locker (WSL) in Riverside California and salvage business in Southern California area. He has trained many dive instructors and stunt professional for dive and entertainment industries. In addition he has lead many adventure trips for divers. He has also been approved and has dived Devils Hole in Death Valley California with a hand 

full of elite U.S. Parks Certified cave divers. He is an accomplished 

Underwater Photographer & Videographer. He lends his talents to SMF in 

many ways with great success. He is a great project leader and instructor.

His Navy dive training has great benefit to us for safety and planing. 

Safe Mooring Foundation, Inc.
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